How to Style an Athleisure Grungy Yet Polished Outfit for Petites and Every Shape and Size with Express and Aerie

I know, I know ... I have to admit I  may be a little obsessed with the athleisure styling a bit lately. But you have to admit: it is comfy and not to toot my own own horn here but I think I am getting pretty good at it :-). So, today, I will show you how to style an athleisure grungy yet polished outfit for petites and every shape and size with Express and Aerie. 

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The Latest Off Shoulder Sweater Trend and How to Wear it in 2018 and Say Goodbye to Winter in Style

The 'cold shoulder' times have graced us for over two years now and as I was expecting this trend to have an irremediable demise (at least for the next ... five years! :-)), but somehow, someone came around and decided to give it one more spin. And I am talking about the one-shoulder styling.  

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