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How To Style An Off Shoulder Top In 3 Unique Ways | Or How To Practice Elegance

Today I want to talk about how you can style an off-shoulder top in 3 unique ways and achieve that intentional simplicity I mentioned earlier.  I  like to call it a "self-sufficient look" and you'll know you nailed it when there is nothing else to add or

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One Easy Way To Find High Quality Clothing Online

As you may have noticed from my Instagram posts, I recently travelled to New York city for the New York Denim Days festival where I also met with the designer behind the Paulita Carlotta label. I have introduced you to this particular brand just last month, when I featured some of their interesting transitional and fall styles. 

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Emerging Designers In 2017 | Paulita Carlotta

As you know, the New York Fashion Week ("NYFW") is unveiling as we speak and designers are presenting new trends in their Spring-Summer 2018 ("SS 2018") collections. September is an exciting time and if fashion is truly your passion, you are probably following closely the posts of fashion bloggers attending...

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