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Black & White Plaid Coats and How to Layer them with Thinner Coats or Leather Jackets to Stay Warm this Winter

You have seen the plaid trend gaining popularity since early fall. The plaid blazers, then the plaid trench coats and now, finally the plaid coats. I resisted as much as I could but I finally gave in when I saw the RIGHT kind of plaid for me: the black & white plaid that I find so much more refined and timeless as compared to the trendier gray. So, in today’s post, I would like to share some style tips on how to wear black & white plaid coats and how to layer them with thinner coats or leather jackets in order to stay warm this winter.

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5 Key Points To Consider When Shopping For A Leather Jacket | For Petites and The Rest

I am always on a hunt for a good leather jacket. That's because if you get one that is classic and fits you just right, you can add so much polish and edginess to an outfit. Think of a classic little black dress with a sharp leather jacket or a pair of skinny jeans, a silk shit and a leather jacket... You see where I am going with this ? You can throw it on and instantaneously polish a look. 

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New Take on Floral Dresses: Blue Florals with Leather and Grommets

I have never been too girly with my style but I am quite enjoying the floral print dresses this season. I like the oversized tiers and the small floral prints. And in today’s post, I will share some tips on how to style a floral dress this season to get a more unconventional look.

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