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Express Black Cami + American Eagle Distressed White Denim: An All American Summer Look for the Cool Girl

You know when you see it but you don't quite know why you like it. It is that outfit that is so familiar and elegant in its simplicity and then you take a closer look at it and when you start breaking it down you realize that the outfit itself is made of a simple cami and denim. [ … ] So, today, we will discuss the mechanics of that simple cami and denim outfit, and specifically, I'll show you how to style a black cami with a distressed white denim to get that all-American cool girl summer look.

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The Art of Dressing Like a Blogger on a Shoestring Budget by Employing Creativity, Smarts, Know-How, A Little Thriftiness, and Timeliness | Part 1 - On Luxury and Quality Shopping on A Budget

In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you how you can dress like a blogger on a shoestring budget, by employing creativity, smarts, know-how, a little thriftiness and timeliness. I’ll also share with you some of my knowledge and beliefs on luxury and quality, some shopping tips and some business acumen when thrift shopping for luxury.

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