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How to Rock Athleisure Like a Star | Three Ways to Wear American Eagle Joggers for Work, Play, and Travel

It is about time to show some respect to athleisure. Everybody has been talking about it, magazines have been opining about its rise and death, and bloggers have been quick to try their own interpretation when it comes to styling it.

So, what is athleisure exactly? Well, that's exactly what I will attempt to clarify for you in today's blog post. I will then show you how to style athleisure like a star and specifically, I will showcase three ways to wear American Eagle joggers for work, play and travel.

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5 Common Ways You Are Ruining Your Hair And 5 Easy Things You Can Do To Keep Your Hair Healthy, Hydrated and Shiny This Winter

After an Indian summer, winter suddenly came in my area as well, with chill and dry winds that took such a tall on my hair. So, I took it upon me to find a way to keep my hair healthy and beautiful in this cold season. In today's post, I'll share with you,  5 common ways you are ruining your hair and 5 easy things you can do to keep you hair heathy, hydrated an shiny this winter.

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Military Chic | How To Style A Utility Dress

Khaki and olives are in this season and I personally love these colors. They are every bit versatile and luxurious and can make an outfit look very polished when you accessorize them with oversized metallic or gold jewelry. One can easily look very polished by going for a monochromatic look but these colors can also

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How To Help the World With Your Style | Mejuri's Evil Eye Collection Empowers Women Worldwide

Social media is an interesting place to be. If you hang out on Instagram, you know how saturated is the world of fashion bloggers. So,  how does a fashion blogger, or anyone for that matter, stay relevant in an overflowing environment like that? By providing

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Happy Friday x Isabel (Win a Gianfranco Ferre pair of sandals $500!)

I am so excited it is Friday and I am also so excited about today’s giveaway which I decided to bring up a notch!For today’s giveway, a lucky lady will receive this chic and trendy pair of high heel sandals from the legendary Gianfranco Ferre retailing at over $500. If you know the brand, you also know

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Staying Smooth with Tria Laser Precision