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6 Cool And Fun Ways You Can Style Plaids in An Innovative And Unexpected Way

I gotta say that I wasn't sure about the plaid trend in the beginning. A fews years ago I thought it was cool when it Zara was sporting plaid tops with zippers on the back but this season when it first peaked I found the blazers a little too preppy for my taste. Here is the good news, though, the plaid is expanding to areas, so, if like me, blazers are not your thing, you can incorporate plaid into other items of your clothing. In today's post, I'll show you 6 cool and fun ways you can style plaids in an innovative and unexpected way.

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How To Style An Off Shoulder Top In 3 Unique Ways | Or How To Practice Elegance

Today I want to talk about how you can style an off-shoulder top in 3 unique ways and achieve that intentional simplicity I mentioned earlier.  I  like to call it a "self-sufficient look" and you'll know you nailed it when there is nothing else to add or

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