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How To Style A Practical Yet Chic Outfit For the Holidays

So, the Thanksgiving is over but Christmas is just around the corner :-). And there are so many more things to do and buy, right? Like me, for example .... I still have not purchased by Christmas tree (shhhh).

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How to Accessorize Basics Like A Blogger

To me,  a collection of basics means a set of items with minimal details that could serve as thefoundation for my outfit. They are the white canvas to which I can add to build that polished look. Now I know that this sounds way easier than it actually is because basics don't necessarily mean

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Rose Ardente | The Quintessence of Givenchy’s Style in a 2017 Perfume

Where do I start …. I have been a lover of Givenchy’s designs, shoes and perfumes since before I even knew myself. When I discovered Givenchy, it was relief, because everything Givenchy spoke to me before I could even utter my needs for style and creativity.In 2001, I discovered Givenchy’s classic

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